Swordfish Steaks/Portions

Swordfish is a favorite, world wide. Firm meated, ideal
for the grill, these boneless portions are also popular baked,
broiled, poached and cut-up for stir fry.

Fillet Portions are uniform in thickness in a 'sail' shape

These Pre-portioned entrée size fillet portions are available:
4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz.

Portions come vacuum packaged.

Swordfish Steaks/Portions
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Swordfish Loins
Swordfish Loins

Swordfish is one of the largest commercially caught fish in the world. A fillet can range from 10 - 80 pounds!

A "loin" is a portion of a fillet, usually 5 - 10 lbs., from which you can cut your own Steaks or Portions if you prefer.

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