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NOVA Fisheries is a cooperative of men and women who have worked together since 1985, when the company was founded in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our main office is in Seattle, Washington:
NOVA Fisheries, Inc.
SunWave Processors
2532 Yale Avenue East
Seattle, Washington  98102  USA

Telephone (206) 781 2000
Facsimile (206) 781 9011
The Provider
We are involved with fishing ventures throughout the world: from fishing the North Atlantic for Crab and Shrimp, to Scallop
and Pelagic fishing along Alaska's expansive coastline.

NOVA Fisheries is a primary producer, financially committed,at
the source, of some great and carefully managed fisheries.
Crab Cakes
We also conduct secondary processing / manufacturing after the catch
is in, to produce portion controlled finished foods. We do this in both
Seattle, Washington and Gloucester, Massachusetts. The pursuit of
convenient, fun, value added foods is what some say distinguishes us!
NOVA Fisheries Plant Photo
We think of our work as low-tech, in an era of remarkable technological
accomplishments. Still ~ our business has certainly embraced
technology ! From satellites which help us navigate, and electronics
which help us to set our gear and retrieve it; to precision engineered
cutting machinery, to computers which track and account for the
vessels, our wide array of manufactured foods and the business itself.
Like so many, we have come kicking and screaming into this technical
revolution and we are most definitely the better because of it!
During the years many good people have contributed to NOVA. Our
business has grown to be more than just catching and selling fish.

We believe, what makes us good, hopefully better, is that we:
  • Sincerely value our customers;
  • We listen and create ~ given our customers direction;
  • Respect that Mother Nature is our Chief Executive Officer;
  • Strive to be innovative;
  • Give back to the community, world wide, in service, in kind and in contributions;

Mother Nature, loyal customers, wonderful colleagues throughout our company and yes, technology, --we have much for which to be thankful.

In fact, we are grateful.

Seafood Variety
If you have questions, let us know. Our story is more interesting if we learn what you, the
reader, are curious to hear more about. Contact us at:

Thank you for taking the time to visit us and read our story.
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