Alaska Pacific Snapper

This mild fillet is quite similar to Cod. Commonly called
"Rockfish" or "Rockcod," this fillet is popular baked or pan

Most applications call for skinless and boneless fillets,
but if you need a fish for the Grill, we can leave the skin on!

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Pacific Emperor Fillets

This is a very firm, white fillet similar to Halibut. It is very
often substituted for Halibut or other firm white fish such
as Hawaiian Opakapaka and even Sea Bass.

Skin on or off, this fillet is a great fish for the Grill but truly
excellent, due to its firm texture, cubed and used in stir-fry
dishes too!

Deep fried (for Fish N' Chips), baked, and even poached,
this is a wonderful, versatile fillet which is largely
undiscovered...but not for long!

Pacific Emperor Fillets
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