Alaska Weathervane Scallops

We size the succulent meats on a pieces (count) basis

Under 10

The Weathervane is revered as the sweetest and firmest Scallop anywhere. It has been the
cornerstone of NOVA's business for over a decade.

But the Alaska Weathervane is not about NOVA, it is about the men and women in Alaska who
have made this the most carefully managed commercial Scallop resource in the world. In
order to preserve this fabulous resource, only a limited number of fishing vessels are allowed
to collect the deep-water Weathervane each year.

We are the lucky ones, we have them!

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Alaska Weathervane Scallops
Block Frozen at Sea
Block Frozen at Sea

We freeze them into 5 pound blocks on board each
fishing vessel, within 2 hours of catch

Individually Frozen at Sea
Individually Frozen at Sea

We also freeze Scallops one by one IQF
(individually quickfrozen)

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