Each of these varieties, you may have come to understand, has one or more common names too such as "Chinook" = King, "Red" = Sockeye, "Silver" = Coho, "Keta" = Chum and "Humpback" = Pink.
Then there are Salmon which come from Farms (or Aquaculture), most commonly, Farmed Kings, Farmed Coho and Farmed Salmon Trout, also known as "Atlantics."
When it comes to Salmon, please allow us to share with you what we know about the differences in Shape, Form and Color. Likewise we are always interested and grateful to learn from your experiences too.
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Shape, Form and Color
When buying Salmon you may know the Shape, Form and Color you require. Please let us share with you our experiences should you have questions or concerns.
There are different ways which we portion Salmon, just as there are different varieties of Salmon.
The most common portion shapes are (1) steaks, horseshoe in appearance, (2) fillets, airplane wing in appearance, (3) Fillet Portions, square-ish to rectangular and (4) Tail Fillets.
You probably know that there are many commercial varieties (different species) of Salmon from which to make the many shapes. For example, in the Wilds of Alaska we produce 5 varieties: King, Sockeye, Coho, Chum and Pink.

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Alaska Wild Salmon
Alaska Wild SalmonAlaska Wild SalmonAlaska Wild SalmonAlaska Wild Salmon
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