Alaska Spot Prawns

The Alaska Spot Prawn is the "Lobster of Alaska"

Sweet and rich, it is the preferred shellfish of Japanese
Sushi restaurants. A delicacy!

Sushi restaurants tend to serve the tail (meat) raw, while
battering the head (yes, the whole head) with tempura
batter and deep frying this half to create a Prawn-
Potatoe-Chip. It is delicious.

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Western Cusine
Western Cusine

Western Cusine more commonly will skewer and grill
the whole Prawn or pan-fry the Prawn whole or split.

The magic of this Prawn, known to experienced Chefs,
requires that you always under cook this Jumbo
Crustacean, if you are grilling or pan frying! One
minute or less on each side, you want to always serve
Spots rare!

(...over cooked, even a bit, and the texture becomes

Spot Prawns
Spot Prawns

Spot Prawns are caught in the Pacific Ocean from April -
October and are sold, for the most part, head - on. They are
all quite large in size.

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