Mahi Mahi is a tropical, warm water fish. Often times
referred to as"Dolphin Fish,"Mahi Mahi should not be confused
with "Flipper" for Mahi Mahi is a fish and not a mammal.
In that Mahi Mahi, at times, swims with Dolphins, it is for this
reason they are known by some as Dolphin "Fish."

Mahi Mahi, like Tuna, is a full flavored fish. The meat is firm
which makes it quite versatile for grilling, deep frying, stir frying
and so forth. More recently, Mahi Mahi has become a popular
ingredient in Tacos. A darker fillet, in appearance, Mahi Mahi
has become increasingly popular for Chefs who look for variety
(a more exotic selection) for the menu.

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Hawaiin Mahi Mahi Portions
Hawaiin Mahi Mahi Portions Fillet Portions are rather uniform in thickness and cut for a
rectangular to square appearance.

These Pre-portioned - entrée size fillet portions are available:
4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz.

Portions come vacuum packaged.
Hawaiin Mahi Mahi Fillets
Hawaiin Mahi Mahi Fillets

The whole fillet of Mahi Mahi is available although the size of
fillet availability varies with season and catch.

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