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Ground Transportation:

We ship weekly!

We make all the transportation arrangements for you!


Net Weight

Cost per Net Pound

              500 - 1,000 lbs.             $0.55 - 0.35
            1,001 - 2,000             $0.35 - 0.15
            2,001 - 5,000             $0.15 - 0.12
            5,001 -15,000             $0.12 - 0.07
Freight is billed to you on your invoice as a separate line item.

For example - a shipment of 2,000 lbs. of seafood will cost $300 in freight
(2,000 x $ 0.15).

Ground Transportation takes about a week. Weather and seasonal traffic
(for example Christmas Trees shipping at the end of November, or Cherries in May)
may cause a minor delay but please be assured that we will stay in touch with you
to keep you informed on the status of your shipment and the exact deliver date!

Air Freight:

Federal Express®, UPS® and Emery® are the three carriers available to ship
samples or transport those overnight rush orders.

Overnight Air Freight charges are as follows:

Net Weight

Cost per Net Pound

        10 - 25                $6.50 *
        26 - 60                $4.50 *
        61 - 500                $3.50 *
Air Freight, unlike ground transportation, is pretty 'spendy'! And...since airplanes
have no refrigeration, we re-package your air shipment into insulated containers,
essential for shipping perishables.
* Concerning Air Freight Charges -- Depending upon your location
   and the amount of insulated packaging required, Air Freight
   charges may cost less than the prices quoted above. Your
   salesperson can help you determine actual cost / savings.
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