Alaska Rock/Flathead Sole

Alaska's answer to "Holland Sole," Alaska Rock/Flathead
Sole is a firm, white, boneless and skinless fillet. Quite
versatile, Rock Sole can be broiled, deep fried (for Fish N'
Chips), baked or even grilled.

Alaska Rock/Flathead Sole
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Alaska Dover Sole Fillets
Alaska Dover Sole Fillets

This white, boneless and skinless fillet is ideal for
baking or pan frying. Although not as firm as Rock
Sole (above) it is the most popular Sole in white
tablecloth restaurants throughout the West.

Alaska Arrowtooth Flounder Fillets
Alaska Arrowtooth Flounder Fillets
This white, boneless and skinless fillet is for baking
and high temperature pan frying. Where price is
essential, this mild, delicate fillet can be an
extraordinary advantage.
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