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Dungeness Crab Sections

Dungeness Crab From NOVA Fisheries is always ready
to warm and serve.

If you like the bib; If you like to get out the mallet; We've
got the 'Section'

You'll have to work to get all the meat out, but hey...
What a crab feed!

Dungeness Snap 'N Eats
Dungeness Snap 'N Eats

We pre-crack each leg by thinly cutting, in carefully
selected locations, so that you can SNAP open each
leg, each arm and each claw to enjoy the
sweet crab meat

Dungeness Whole Cooked
Dungeness Whole Cooked

Although making crab legs easy to eat is our business...

If you prefer to take on the WHOLE crab, we surely do
not want to stop you!

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